Few years ago I studied in Santiago de Compostela. I and my three friends – as students usually – hadn’t enough money to go sightseeing properly, so we made our own “sightseeing style”. We made a small trips only in Spanish Galicia only for one day. It was our “getaway” from everyday routine.

That was idea for this blog. At the beginning I had a plan to write only about my Galicia getaways but then I thought about all that wonderful place I seen in my life. So I decided I would to write about my trips but not long travel through whole world and abiding few months. Even I go to longer holidays I have a plan to make so many short trips as it is possible. When I spent my summer in my parents’ house near Brighton, I tried every day see something new, maybe some not popular but interesting places within range of 2 hours by car or train.

I hope my memories and advice will be for you an inspiration and you find your own way to travel.