My favourite packed lunches or snacks for a small getaway

Now I am big and rich ;), so I can eat lunch in local bar or restaurant. But during my study I must count every coin and I rather took packed lunches with myself for my trips. Even now I take some snack with myself – after one of my trips, when I forgot about holiday that was that day, and all shops or bars were closed.

  1. Sandwiches

Isn’t it obvious? 🙂 But sandwiches are really the best choose for a snack during trip. You can make it with everything you want and like. My sandwiches are mainly with cheese and tomato, cucumber and paprika (but not in hot days). I make also sandwiches with choco and nuts cream.

  1. Carrots

Carrots are easy to eat. They don’t make you dirty or wet, they are delicious and healthy too. You can take with you another vegetables too but not everything is so comfortable as carrots.

  1. Fruits

But take with you wet tissues too because fruits like to make people gluey.

  1. Home-made cookies

Yep, sometimes I bake cookies and pack it in my rucksack.

  1. Chocolate bars

OK, this is an ultimate. When I have no time to make something or I plan hiking in cold day – I take with myself chocolate bars. Especially in cold days bars are great, chocolate make me warm  🙂


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